Tremendous Weekly Content Review! 12-11 -- 12-18

Hey! I remembered this week! lol! Helps a lot that I'm not currently traveling, no promises for the rest of the holiday season. This week has some great content though with just the beginnings of v1.3 reviews from the team. So lets get to it!

Starting us off this week is KAPTEN KLUNS with a great NMM painting tutorial! If you want your models to really shine, and to be respectable when doing so, check out his article! Its fantastic!

Green Dragon Gaming

Next up we've got SirMC2015 with Green Dragon Gaming and there multiple videos of the week! Many are excellent battle reports that are a joy to watch! There is also a great 2+ hour long paint a thon video where the guys chat and paint. It's very enjoyable and if you're looking to listen to a fun conversation while painting this is the video for you!

Rasmus7814 is our next content provider and brings us a great Battle Report from round one of Bar Hammer. Its a great report where Lizards beat on some fattybacks! :D In Round 2 his lizards are beating down some Greenskins! Excellent reports!


Gelmarus' installment for the week is another very enjoyable THUNDERCOCKS Podcast! In it the guys talk about the Surrey Smackdown. Great info in this week's episode!


2DSick is up next with a couple of great kit bashing videos. Want to make your WotDG army unique? This is a great guy to watch! Also, Vince Ventruella is hosting the annual You Tubers awards this year. 2DSICK has it up in his Blogs (He was nominated!) Go check it out!


SkaveninAZ is up next and has provided us with some wonderful Battle Reports. This week he brings out his Vermin AND his Vampires. It must be Xmas cause dude is GIVING! lol!

SkaveninAZ also bring us one of the first v1.3 reviews! Come take a look at Vermin Swarm's v1.3 goodness thru SkaveninAZ's eyes!

The Orange Road!

The Giant is up next! Blonde Beer brings us some great stuff this week with battle reports and looks into units that are otherwise unpopular. I love this guys stuff! You will too! go check him out!


I'm next! Lord Tremendous Brings you a battle report. Its possibly my last one of the year due to traveling for work and the holidays. For that I apologize, but fear not! I'm not disappearing or anything. I'll be back as soon as the craziness of the holidays is over!

Wrapping up this week's content is DarkSky with a very detailed and well pictured Battle Report Article. I love his reports because he makes you feel like YOU fought the battle. You definitely need to check this guy's content out!

I'm going to end this week's Content Review on a sad note. As I'm sure many of you have already heard, the T9A community lost one of the pillars of the Community this week. Draecarion passed away and while this has nothing to do with content, the man is the reason I'm still into War gaming and why I joined the T9A Community in the first place. This Content Review will be dedicated to his memory.

R.I.P. Draecarion
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