From Rush Hour to Happy Hour: Part 1 Our Aruba Itinerary

We are always happy to Escape from the hustle & Bustle of rush hour in Washington D.C.

Aruba is one of the most frequently revisited islands in the Caribbean (we ourselves have trekked the island sixteen times and counting). Boasting some of the world’s best beaches, a diverse dining scene, a cool mix of activities and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever find, there’s something for everyone.

Read the first of our three part series to see how we make the most of a vacation in Aruba.

Touch Down

There's no time to waste once the plane touches down on One Happy Island!

Fueled with vacation adrenaline, we check in; drop off our bags; make note of our favorite, in-room amenities and freshen up - all in one delirious hour.
We have to admit - sometimes our favorite amenity is the view from the window (featured here is Divi Phoenix Aruba).

Then we're off for some Aruban immersion!

The first stop for any self-respecting, Aruban visitor is the beach.

And if it's Happy Hour, that stop should be one where live music plays while we wait to catch our first glimpses of the million dollar, Aruban sunset.

Two of our favorite picks for live music and happy hour drinks are Bugaloe Beach Bar and MooMba Beach Bar.

Before too long we will have worked up an appetite. Aruba is home to people from over 100 countries and its dining scene is pretty diverse as a result. Where do we go when so many choices are available? How about something that hails from the island itself!

Good options for local cuisine include traditional establishments like Papiemento, Gasparito or the Old Cunucu House.

Fresh seafood, polenta, plantains and vegetables make for a satisfying meal

But when we crave a place that offers a modern twist with some local flare, we make our way to one of our new favorites, Local Store.

Dropping by Aruba's Local Store

A short drive from the high-rise hotels, Local Store is a casual bar and restaurant that effortlessly mixes old and new elements with the warm hospitality of long lost friends.

Getting “Local” with owner, Mark

From an outdoor seat on the deck where stools are refurbished beer kegs or from the indoor space where rustic charm pops with splashes of tropical colors, we drool over a menu that features burgers, chicken and snacks flavored with the tastes of Aruba - for example, home made funchi fries, Balashi beer batter, local creole sauce, Balashi beer bbq sauce and pica di papaya sauce.

3 alarm burger, french fries and oh so good funchi fries (golden strips of a traditional Aruban dish similar to polenta) with sriracha mayo
Our friend Chef Jeremy showing off his hot wings

To wash down these flavorful, comfort foods we choose from Local Store’s staggering array of craft, IPA and stout beers as vibrant as the decor.

One of several IPAs we enjoyed from several visits to Local Store
Getting ready to make a toast to the start of another Caribbean trek.
A stop at Local Store always ends with good times!
After dinner, we cruise the high-rise hotel strip and people watch before picking up an early memento at one of many shops or the craft bazaar.

Arrival day usually wraps up earlier than any other day on vacation. But when we count the activities we've already checked off on day one of our Aruban trek, we can honestly say we did our best to "get it in".

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Our Aruba itinerary
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