Caterina VanHemessen By: Grace jamen

Caterina was in Antwerp Flanders in 1528 . She spent most of her life in Flanders, where her father Jan Sanders Van Hemessen taught her how to paint. Caterina Van Hemessen was known for being one of the first artist to paint a self portrait. It was especially challenging for because she was a women. During her time painting her patron as Queen Mary of Hungary. After she was married her painting career ended which was normal practice at the time.

"Portrait of a Lady"

The painting was created in 1551. It can be found in the National Gallery in London. Caterina Van Hemessen is known for creating some of the very first portraits. She is not known for her artistic ability just her portraits. The two "isms" in this painting are classicism, naturalism, and humanism. Classicism is shown in her elegant dress. Naturalism is the oil paint in order to make this and the lights and shadows. Humanism is shown in the emotion on the dog and womans face.

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