"The West Wing" is on Netflix I've been watching it a lot lately. . .

Every evening we watch the news and hear about the antics of our newly-elected president. I won't dwell on the list of embarrassing things that this administration has done so far. It's long, depressing and grows every day. I'm taking temporary shelter in episodes of the "The West Wing". The show makes me yearn for a White House that makes the majority of our nation proud. A character from the show, Ainsley Hayes said this about Jed and the gang, "The people that I have met have been extraordinarily qualified, their intent is good. Their commitment is true, they are righteous, and they are patriots." That's kind of what I'm watching for every time the news comes on. It's looking as if my government won't be evolving like that over the next four years.


Created with images by Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "The White House, Northside, Washington DC"

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