Scott. L A legendary Football master, the king of all kings. He will be like awesome when he grows up.

About me

Hi I'm Scott Lubin, I go to EHSS, (Everyones Hated School system). I live with my dad half the time and my mom the other half of the time. I was born in Detroit, like totally and moved to Toronto when I was 5 years old. Inner Scott; You know you weren't born in Detroit you liar, you just wish you were because Detroit is the best. I love football, even more than my cat in fact because she runs away from me when I approach. I'm always wearing football clothes, like NFL clothing, so when I go to a job interview, the people in charge will hire me because I come off as if I don't care, which apparently nowadays is a good thing. AND I LOVE MONEY. I also collect NBA and NFL action figures... so I guess I'm a bit of a loser... like level 100 loser. My favorite song is by Led Zepplin, All Along the Watchtower. Even though I really dont care that much about music because its just a bunch of ting tangy noises nowadays. My favorite movie is American Pie, and my main hobbies revolve around football. So I wont have a fun time talking to anyone in Canada considering 83% of Canadians don't like football. And no, i went ALL around Canada to get that percentage. I really do truly care about that 99 in COMTECH.

Movies And Music

American Pie is the greatest movie series of ALL TIME.

If you want to see a good movie, or a great SET of 8 movies, the American Pie series is for you. Its my favorite movie of all time. Its about an awkward kid in grade 12 named Jim Levenstein, he is a lot like me. He is close with his friends, and awkward around new people and girls... he always messes up and is unlucky, but he does not have bad intentions. The movie is about the 4 group of friends trying to get with girls before they graduate highschool. They have a friend named Steve Stifler who likes bothering people by insulting them. He loves to party... Bottom line, this movie has a great set of different characters all put together. It really gets you into the characters lives and you are cheering for them as they mess up.

The Legendary friends

Jim and His future Wife

Paul Finch

All along the Watchtower is my favorite song, I am not that into music generally, so I don't have a favorite artist. But I love the riff from All Along the Watch Tower.


  • I also love Football, and the NFL. My favorite team is the Detroit Lions as you can see below. I know more than a lot of people about football and its my dream to work with it as a career. I like writing up plays, studying players, and looking all around the NFL. I run a Lions fan page aswell. I collect football action figures and autographs. There's nothing else I do in my spare time then study football film, review team transactions and rumours with players and coaches, and watch interviews. And I never miss an NFL game either. I have not missed a Lions game since I first started watching. I go to a lot of games with my dad and meet the players. Sometimes I go to training camp and watch what the players do and meet them afterwords. Anhother dream of mine is to go to every NFL stadium. So far I've been to five, Ford field, Ralph Wilson Stadium, Soldier field, Lucas Oil stadium, and LEVI Stadium. I also play football aswell... flag football. I want to play tackle but School doesn't have a team, and my mom couldn't drive me to a rep team practice. In flag football, I play quarterback. Many people tell me I have a great arm. I'm able to use my knowledge of tackle football to be successful in flag football and win games. Football is defintly my main hobby, watching and playing.

Thanks for reading about my lame life. I know truly the only reason you are reading this article is because you sort of have to.

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