The Nourishment They Need Grandview Elementary School, West Virginia

"We contributed to a better world by sharing knowledge about healthy foods to people in our community." - Makell, Third Grade Student


Hunger. We see it everyday; it lives in our community and the impact is devastating. What we know is, as Senior Nutrition Policy Advisor Sam Kass succinctly states, “when we give our kids the nourishment they need, we give them the chance to thrive, both in the classroom and beyond.” The goal of The Nourishment They Need Proposal is twofold: teach students to deeply understand nutrition while providing the space, time, and knowledge for the surrounding community to grow the food they need.

"One goal for our project is to grant the community access to the fresh produce they need." -Kayla, Third Grade Student

Health and Wellness is Grandview's school-wide focus. Each year, we incorporate new programs, grants, partnerships, expeditions, case studies, curriculum, and other activities that correlate with health and wellness. Last year, second grade designed a case study "Food for Thought" which allowed students to taste and study a variety of fruits. Click the link below to see their work on the EL Education's Models of Excellence website.

3rd & 5th Grade Teachers- Kayla Kinney, Mallory Hilton

This year, we vertically aligned learning expedition curricula to deepen our school-wide focus that was led by third and fifth grade teachers. Multiple products within this curricula led to The Nourishment They Need project.


The Nourishment They Need deepens our wellness work by expanding the food focus in a school wide way. Throughout all grade levels students conducted meaningful research, showed craftsmanship in their scientific drawings, investigated different types of tomatoes and sugar, communicated clearly when writing, speaking or presenting ideas, tracked meaningful data and were able to transfer knowledge to real world tasks.

"It takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup." - Ta-Hir, First Grade Student
Fifth grade students conduct research and participate in experiments to further explore "The Sugar Trooth."
Third grade students collect data and observe tomato plants grown in the classroom as well as a close read of "The Good Garden: How One Family went from Hunger to Having Enough" by Katie Smith Milway.


"I really like being able to share meaningful information with my community about our project and how it will help them." -Randall, Fifth Grade Student

Students have developed a sense of responsibility while persevering through each stage of their work. Additionally, students have expand their ability to show respect and compassion for people in their home community, resulting in students taking the necessary steps in becoming ethical people that contribute to a better world.

Our habits of scholars include Teamwork, Perseverance, Responsibility, Compassion, and Critical Thinking.
Students collected, donated, and delivered canned food to "Manna Meal" in downtown Charleston, West Virginia.


"Creating high quality work means constantly making changes to your work and viewing a mistake as a step." -Abriah, Fifth Grade Student

Each grade level within this project allowed students to craft, design, critique and produce an authentic, high quality final product. Accuracy, care, and precision were included when completing these beautiful pieces.

Examples of high quality final products from "The Nourishment They Need". Students presented their learning to the community at our first Community Health and Food Outreach Fair.


As a result of this project, The Nourishment They Need, students were able to give back and connect to the community in a way that they have never done before. Community members took notice and were encouraged by the activity of our school. Please take some time to watch our videos for more information on our project, teacher/student comments, and reflections.

Click the link below for resources such as rubrics, sample final products, and note catchers that our staff and students used during the project.


Photos by Grandview Elementary Staff Video by Butch Mounts "Video Productions"

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