The State By Porter Robinson


2011 | Electronic

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“For centuries, the State has robbed people at bayonet point and called it taxation. -- For centuries, the State has enslaved people into its armed battalions and called it conscription."


  • Spitfire hit #11 on the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums and #10 on the Heatseekers Albums charts as well as #1 on the iTunes dance charts.
  • Robinson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the second of four boys, and currently resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • In June 2019, Robinson's organization, The Robinson Malawi Fund, donated $154,000 to patients with Burkitt Lymphoma in Malawi.


Luke Tatum

Not too much in this genre on the list! We're really focusing on the double standards of the state here. When the state steals, they have a special name: taxation. When the state kidnaps you to advance its military goals, they have a special name: conscription. Mass murder is collateral damage. Highway robbery is called a ticket. It's absurd, and if you're going to bounce that around your brain you might as well have some thumping bass to go with it.

Sherry Voluntary

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Call it Rome, call it Caliphate, call it United States. States are States and the reason they always end up violating people is that they are inherently evil. Just like you can’t be a little bit pregnant, you can’t be a little bit Statist. No documents limiting government, no legislation, no reform can make States, who by definition force rule on individuals, not a violator of the individual.

Nicky P

This song gives me hope. This producer was born in 1992. When I look around and see a society dominated by social justice ideals and by and large the next generation has bought in hard. When I see a young person calling out taxation and conscription for exactly what they are, and declaring the state the enemy of all people is undeniably refreshing. There is not a ton of lyric to this song but what it does have tears right to the core of what the state is. It's the mob. It's violence.

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Nicky P

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