The World According To J.P. N




What Makes a Good Citizen?

In order to be a good citizen, you must be aware that you have responsibilities and rights. Some of their responsibilities could be things such as: staying informed, following laws, and paying taxes. Citizens also have rights such as: the right to vote, freedom to petition, and freedom of speech. When being a good citizen, you have many rights and responsibilities.


What is the most effective form of government?

Democracy, because the people can control the government. Society would be able to elect their leaders, and the leaders decide on laws, that are created to treat every citizen equally. In the US, it's a representative democracy, and the citizens vote on their leaders, and it works well. Also, everyone can participate in democracy which is rights of minority. Also in democracy, there isn't only one leader, and nothing is forced. For example, in North Korea the government is dictatorship, and everything is forced, and the citizens have no say. Democracy is the most effective government for these reasons.


In the EU there are forces that work for and against supranational cooperation. The Euro is an example of a centripetal force because it is a common currency. A common currency provides easier trade, and it makes easier travel because you don't have to pay the fee to exchange different currencies. The wealth difference between Eastern Europe and Western Europe is a centrifugal force, because Western Europe doesn't want to pay for things in Eastern Europe. Western Europe is much wealthier than Eastern Europe, so it works against supranational cooperation. Western Europe also does not want to pay for the jobs in Eastern Europe. There are forces that work for and against supranational cooperation in the EU.

People living in an Oasis Town

How Can You Adapt to Living in a Desert Region?

There are many ways to adapt to living in a desert region, but two of them in specific are some of the most important. First, finding an oasis to live in can help you adapt to a desert region. Oasis supply things such as date palms, which supply fruit, the trunk leaves can be used for building, and the fiber from its bark is used for rope. Also oasis are useful because they have a large supply of water. Another adaptation would be to wear long flowing clothing. Wearing long flowing clothing keeps you cool from the heat as well as blocking most of the sun from hitting your body. There are many ways you can adapt to living in a desert environment, but these are two things that can help you a lot.

An oil reserve - from

How might a valuable resource affect a region?

There are many ways that a valuable resource affects a region, but here are two in specific that will mainly affect it. First, having a valuable resource can make the region a good exporting and can make money by selling the valuable resource. If a country has a valuable resource that other countries may want, they can export the resource to those countries so they can make money. In Southwest Asia the primary resource is crude oil, which is a non-renewable resource, so in countries where there isn't a lot of oil they want it, and the countries that already has it can sell it to them for money. Another effect would be that most people would be able to life a good life. A valuable resource can help people live a good life because many people can make a living off of doing something to harvest, sell, or use this resource which can pay for important things such as healthcare, and the life expectancy would go up. In conclusion, having a valuable resource can affect the region in many ways but the two I listed are some of the most important.

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