After the United States president, Donald Trump, released his opinion wanting his female employees to "dress like a woman" people took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

There was an immediate backlash from women and men on twitter, displaying for Trump just exactly what it looked like to #dresslikeawoman.

Trades women were included in #dresslikeawoman
Images of Trump were included in #dresslikeawoman
Military officials were representing their #dresslikeawoman outfits while deployed
Cultural issues were brought up in #dresslikeawoman
Men were involved in #dresslikeawoman because they could see the oppression happening against their female equals and wanted to fight back.

The backlash to #dresslikeawoman was amazing to see from people around the world. Both men and women came together to stand up against the sexist opinions of Trump to normalize women as equal humans, rather than a play thing for men to dress. These social media movements are the new wave of protest against oppressive ideas from people of power, such as Donald Trump. People are able to come together as a society on social media and communicate a collective idea under one hashtag. Social media is able to bring people close together to fight for what is right, while being separated around the world.

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