Steven Chavez
I find passion and excitement in building teams, processes, systems, and strategies leading to results that were not thought to be possible. I bring vast experience across different industries and functions, and a strong track record of developing innovative and cross-functional solutions.
Taking the time to build the teams and people in the process is the icing on the cake and makes it all worthwhile.


I am a lifelong learner and find passion in continually learning new things regardless of what they are. As a lifetime learner, I am very passionate about sharing what I have learned through study and experience, and I have led leadership development programs at work and in the community. Knowledge is power, and we should share it with the masses!


  • Proven track record of developing dynamic customer relationships resulting in longstanding, mutually successful partnerships built on consistent delivery, transparency and honesty
  • Demonstrated success in architecting and implementing innovative solutions across various functions including sales, customer experience, bill-to-cash, risk and compliance, marketing and more
  • Masterful at building teams and cultures that foster strong employee engagement leading to high attention to results
  • Agile leader capable of building compelling visions, strategies and tactics that are communicated and introduced in such a way that energizes the organization to align and act
  • High EQ which helps with navigating change management challenges, complicated employee issues, and an ever-changing economy and workplace
  • Well respected leader who believes in caring for the people and taking the time to listen to all levels of the organization and take thoughtful action to create a better workplace

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