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Rodan + Fields is currently in Pre-Launch here in Australia, giving you the opportunity to partner with the #1 Premium Anti-Aging, #1 Acne & Overall #1 Skincare Brand in the US!

With award-winning products AND an award-winning business model, you're given all the tools, training & support for success! You don't have to love skincare to know EVERYONE has skin, and desires products to actually address their concerns.

Developed by world-renowned dermatologists Dr Katie Rodan & Dr Kathy Fields, they are the first to take #1 best-selling products OUT of high end department stores, and put them, and the profits into the hands of entrepreneurs like you, tripling their annual turnover in the first month & growing exponentially over the past 8 years!

Already a billion dollar brand while only available in the US & Canada! As country number 3, we'll serve as the launching pad for expansion into Asia - Japan is next, with a new country scheduled every year for the next 5! Don't you want to be part of outstanding growth like that?

They're so sure you'll love it, that the products & business opportunity are both backed by a 60 day, no fuss, money back guarantee. During pre-launch you can even pre-enrol for free to check out why this could be the perfect side gig, job replacement or so much more, for you & your family! Don't wait, check it out Today!

The Pre-Enrolment program is ending soon - don't be wondering What if?

Free, no obligation pre-enrolment gives you access to:

  • All the insider info & updates!
  • Exclusive, free training & events!
  • Your own welcome pack freebies!
  • Early & discounted access to amazing, results guaranteed products!
  • Unique opportunity to build your own business before our official Australian product launch!

Why should you consider this?

  • Innovative, award winning, multi-med therapy skincare
  • Full-time income, part-time commitment
  • Work from anywhere; home, park, beach!
  • Be Your Own Boss, set your own hours & goals​
  • No inventory to manage, No parties to schedule
  • High quality, in-demand products you'll LOVE using yourself
  • Earn commissions, bonuses, holidays​ & freedom
  • Award winning products & business model​ sets you up for success
  • Residual income is the new, more reliable retirement plan
  • Get a head-start by building your business during the Australian Pre-Launch​
  • Everything backed by 60 day, no fuss guarantee
  • No cost for ongoing training & support, forever

some background on R+F

  • Developed by the same dermatologists behind the hugely successful Proactiv range, which they sold to focus on this, their "Legacy" Brand.
  • R+F was originally sold in high end department stores in America where we held the No.1 spot against Estée Lauder, Clinique and Lancôme.
  • In 2009 they moved into a direct selling channel and since then has been selling via consultants - Direct Sales - across America for the past 8 years - the growth is simply amazing. We still hold the No.1 spot for anti-ageing and acne treatment in the US. The company holds 91% of all growth in the industry, doubling its growth every year for the past 5 years. Closing out at a billion dollar company at the end of 2016 and we are only in two countries!!
  • This business is predominantly built from a customer base, you will be your own virtual shopfront open 24/7. It’s not a company that bases its business on recruits but rather customers purchasing products to have Life Changing Skincare. Therefore, totally taking away the stigma of ‘Pyramid Selling’. Why would Forbes Richest women be involved in something like that?
  • 90% of men and women who partner with R+F are not just stay at home parents, they are industry employees, business owners, doctors, accountants, nurses, teachers etc. Residual or a second income is powerful - life changing. Can you invest the 5 to 10 hours a week you already use social media to build your own business??
  • This business is will-able, sell-able - a retirement plan, a legacy for your children/family/charity. You can work this business from anywhere you have Internet.
  • We do NOT do Parties and we do NOT handle stock or shipping to our customers. This is totally virtual, work from your phone, car or office.
  • We have entry costs to tailor for every Budget. Starting as low as $60 without products, and from around $400-$1000 with selected products. But hey the business kits are full of products, big savings, create your own before and afters to show your potential customers, or sell to make your initial investment back. This would also be a tax deduction if you choose to work the business! There is a 60 day money back guarantee for consultants who buy kits and for our customers product orders - all handled by corporate. We actually have a less than 1% return rate!
Actual kit contents include additional products.
“I spent 39 years studying my craft and building my business so that I could provide the lifestyle we enjoy. Now, in less than a year, and in a field I knew nothing about, our R+F income has surpassed the income from my business,” says Gary. “It’s incredible that we developed this substantial organisation in such a short amount of time. It just goes to show that, with the right opportunity, you can achieve things you never thought you would or could.” Gary & Laurie Dittrich, joined during the Canadian Pre-Launch.

Any questions? Follow the link above & look for the "contact me" option up top! Or Email me directly.

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