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September and October 2018



Our school atrium before rebuilding
This is the place where raised beds will be placed
and the place for establishing open air classroom
The pupils made some videos about themselves; their family, siblings, hobbies etc.
Pupils introduce themselves in their videos
The pupils started to prepare a short videodocument about the school as well.

...in front of the school...

... behind the school...

... school yard next to the school...

with tennis courts

... inside the school...

biology classroom
chemistry classroom
music classroom

... in the second school atrium...

The project was introduced to the Spanish students through the subjects Biology, Valencian and English.
Students’ Project team
Students prepared some videos about them; who are they; what are their hobbies...
They prepared some logo design ideas and suggestion...
all pupils were original and creative

it was very difficult to decide for the best one!

logo designing
The first announcement in Spain
project team
Students introduced themselves in their video
they gave us some personal information about the name and age
about their hobbies
and about their life motive
They also showed us some beautiful outside parts and interesting inside parts of their school through the videodocument about the school
...daily school life...
...school garden...
The first announcement in GERMANY

check 👀






There was a meeting with pupils’ parents in September
The main goal of this meeting was to inform pupils’ paretns about the project in general
about its goals
about project activities
about short - term exchanges of the groups of pupils
October in Italy was focused on the first preparation of the place where school garden will be built
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