My grandmother always said, MY life will be great

1925, "It was a horrible time to be born as a Korean"
Comfort women, who were forced into militarized sexual slavery for Japanese soldiers during World War II.
"I was hiding in a hut in a mountain near my parents for 3 years", my granny said, "so those Japs couldn't drag me into their military as a comfort woman like they did to other girls in my village."
Her parents found her a husband to marry in order to lower the risk of being abducted by Japanese.
"I thought i got lucky. He was tall, handsome and sweet"
1950, shortly after the independence from japan, the Korean war broke out and killed more than a million civilians in South Korea.
Her husband was drafted to Korean military, and she was left alone with four children."Everything we had was just gone over night", she vividly remembered the day when her village got bombed. She packed her children and hid in a mountain once again.
Youngsoon Yoon, my grandmother in her 50s.
"It was a different time back then...", She often told me, "Your life will be great, because I took up all suffering for my youngins."
My mother as an honored student, earned the opportunity to take a picture with my grandmother.
"Your mother was the first one to go to college in the whole village." She was a proud single mother.
Also a proud grandmother who raised me
"I pray for you to do what you really want to do in your life, and stay good and healthy"
My family in Hawaii, 2016

It's a shame you are not here with us anymore. But look, grandma, everyone is happy and healthy just like you prayed. It is all possible because of what you have done.

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