TwoSix Digital Reflects on Travel and Tourism 2020 U.s. Travel Association's National Plan for Vacation Day

National Plan for Vacation Day is January 28th! The team here at TwoSix Digital took the time to share what trips they are thinking about taking this year, along with their favorite trips that they've taken in the past. Be sure to check out all of our trip photos at the bottom of the page!

What trips are you thinking about taking this year?

Looking forward to visiting a few more National Parks for sure. We really enjoy exploring the trails and all of the activities set around each of our national parks. They are all very unique and fun to explore. Thank you again, Teddy Roosevelt, for providing us with these great treasures! -Dave

I am most looking forward to wherever my fiancé and I decide to go on our honeymoon! We aren’t quite sure what that destination will be quite yet, but we are hoping for mountains, sunshine, and beaches. (Any recommendations are welcome!) - Megan

My wife and I are considering a trip to London over the holidays next year. She's excited to see all the top sites and experience the area's history and culture while I'm primarily most excited to attend the PDC World Darts Championship at historic Alexandra Palace. I suppose seeing London wouldn't be so bad either. -Brian

I already have two trips planned for late summer / early fall. My best friend since Preschool is getting married in Napa Valley, and his bachelor party is planned for Miami. I've also been talking with some of my other friends about going to Lambo and cheering on the Lions in enemy territory next season, but I also have really wanted to visit Denver for a long time so I might do that instead. I'm not sure if that is all going to happen this year or next. - Jordan

I actually do not have anything planned so far for 2020 but I would love to go to Washington (state) or New Orleans for the first time this summer! I think both of those places could be a lot of fun! - Miranda

This April, I’m headed to London for about 8 days! It’ll be my first time in Europe and I couldn’t be more excited. Also, every summer, my family and I take a trip to West Michigan - somewhere along Lake Michigan. It’s great to spend days relaxing on sandy beaches and roasting marshmallows every night. - Nick

Are there any travel experiences you would live to re-live again?

Any outdoor activity is usually a trip that we enjoy taking. Earlier this year we visited Hawaii and visited Volcano National Park. Although there were no live lava flows, we saw multiple steam vents and got a great perspective on volcanic activity. We also had a chance to hike through the Kilauea Iki volcano. You got to hike right through the center of the crater, It was a really cool experience to say the least!- Dave

I would love to go back to Paris one day. When I went there last time, I was only there for 48 hours. We saw a ton in that short time, but there’s so much to see in Paris that it’s hard to see all of it in 48hours. I’d love to go back and see things that I missed the first time around. -Megan

We had a wonderful getaway to Lake Tahoe a few years ago. It was a very memorable and relaxing vacation. We both skydived for the first time, drove hundreds of miles in and around the area, chilled on the water, and soaked up some really great times. We'd go back there in heartbeat. -Brian

Every few years my family does a cruise to the Caribbean, I've always loved being out in the warm ocean. The last time we went I got a chance to dive in the Cenotes in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. If you don't know what the Cenotes are t's this vast under water cave system in Mexico. The water there was so pure and there was a few times when you had to swim in total darkness. It was mildly terrifying but I absolutely loved it. -Jordan

A trip I would love to experience again would hands down be my three-week trip to Bali. The people there are so kind and their culture is so peaceful. I also got to experience a lot of unique activities like cliff jumping, hiking a volcano, being cleansed and blessed by a Hindu healer and exploring an ancient water temple. -Miranda

About 8 years ago, my family and I went to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was really interesting to experience such an old city, with brick facades reminiscent of Europe, in North America. The blending of French and English was very intriguing as well. When they say, “Bonjour, hello!”, make sure you reply back in English (unless you speak fluent French). I’d love to visit again. -Nick

Thank you for allowing us to share our reflections with you on this National Plan for Vacation Day! What are your plans for your next trip?

Enjoy some photos from our past vacations!


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