Dripstone Middle School newsletter Term 3 Week 10

Principal Robyn Thorpe

A Message from the Principal

Parent Teacher Communication

Thank you to all parents and carers who attended parent teacher interviews last week. These sessions provide a formal time for you to discuss your child's progress in each subject with the class teacher. If you missed this opportunity and would like to discuss your child's learning then please email the teacher or phone the school to arrange a suitable time. Notes have been sent home this week regarding our new School Stream app. On the app you will find an up to date list of teacher contact details as well as all other information communicated to parents. Please download the app or provide the school with your email details so that you do not miss any important communication.

BEAT Festival 2018

Congratulations to our soloist performers, Alicia and Cherese, who joined a large group of talented student performers and musicians for the 2018 BEAT Festival. This NT Music School performance was an outstanding credit to all those who have dedicated and committed many hours of hard work and practice over the year. Congratulations to Felicity who joined the BEAT Band, those students who were members of the choir and to our music teacher, Mr Tim Webb, who managed the sound production.

Japanese Study Tour

This week we have a group of students visiting our sister school in Japan. They made the very exciting journey via Singapore after their flights were changed due to the closure of Osaka Airport. This has been managed well by our two teachers escorting the students, Ms Emma Fisher and Mr Tim Webb, who will help provide our students with an enriched cultural experience over these two weeks.

School Based Policing Program

We are very excited to announce that the School Based Policing Program has been introduced. The primary aim of the School Based Policing Program is to provide the safest possible learning environment, relying on strong relationships between schools and the Northern Territory Police Force. We would like to welcome back Senior Constable Dan Bull, who has returned to Dripstone Middle School as part of this program.

Senior Constable Dan Bull

Transition Programs for Year 6 and 9 students

Term 3 has been an exciting time for Year 6 students from our feeder primary schools who have been visiting Dripstone Middle School as part of their Transitioning Program. Dripstone Middle School is committed to ensuring all students make a positive transition from the familiar environment of primary school to the new and exciting environment of middle school.

New Shade Cloth for Basketball court

We are happy to announce that the Government has started the process to replace the new shade structure for our Basketball Court. Unfortunately these were badly damaged during Cyclone Marcus and were removed for safety reasons. The new structures will have quick release mechanisms allowing them to be taken down prior to cyclones. We look forward to these being complete by the end of the year.

New School Bus

The school bus has been replaced with a new Rosa 25 seater bus allowing for students to attend excursions and events at minimal cost. The new bus is fully equipped with seat belts and air conditioning to ensure safety for all.

School Holiday Break

This year all NT Government schools will have a two week semester break, rather than the normal one week break, from this Monday 1 October to Friday 12 October. All students are required to return to school on Monday 15 October. We would like to wish you a restful and relaxing break.

Year 9 Art

The Year 9 Art classes have been learning Portraiture techniques and produced these large charcoal portraits of their favourite celebrities. We have some amazing young artists at Dripstone.

PHOENIX - 2018 Champion House

Phoenix lost their monopoly in the water this year being runner up to Carpentaria but did well on land, finishing 2nd in the Athletics Carnival and winning the Cross Country, therefore taking the Champion House trophy (3 out of 5 years!). A great effort. There was only 27 points between first and third leading up to the Cross Country event. Phoenix took control of the race for the trophy scoring 536 points for the Cross Country, with Alexandra on 526 and Carpentaria on 421. The overall tallies, taking in all three annual events, were Phoenix 1444, Alexandra 1419 and Carpentaria 1302. A BIG thank you to all students who participated and staff who helped make these extra curricular events a continuing success, which have long been a tradition at Dripstone. - Mr Greg Cilento

2019 NT Music School Enrolments now open

Breakfast Club will continue to run in Term 4. Any students who would like to come in for some breakfast before school begins in the mornings are welcome.

Health News with Nurse Mary

Nurse Mary

Challenge 4 - Nutrition Tip:

Breakfast gives you energy to start the day and helps to do this in a positive way. Breakfast can also provide many good nutrients such as dietary fibre, calcium and B Vitamins. Breakfast can improve your mood and avoid getting angry mid-morning.

Three healthy breakfast ideas with a twist:

  1. Boil some eggs on the weekend and store in the fridge. Have 1-2 slices of wholegrain or wholemeal toast. Peel and smash 1-2 boiled eggs with some salsa, avocado or sweetcorn and place on toast.
  2. Toast an english muffin and top with peanut butter and half a banana.
  3. Ina bowl place half a cup of frozen berries that have been thawed in the fridge, half a cup of plain yoghurt, 10 almonds and 2 diced dates.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club will continue to run in Term 4. Any students who would like to come in for some breakfast before school begins in the mornings are welcome.

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