Liam's Goals English 1-2 | period 1

Semester goal

In this semester I will keep my grades up and turn in homework on time. I need to take notes and listen to the teacher during a lesson.

English goal

My goal in English is to be better at writing and reading. I will also pay attention in class more and take extra credit opportunities whenever available.

HS goal

My goal in high school is to finish the year strong. I can do that by doing my work and taking notes in class. Also need to keep good grades and also be absent less and if I'm absent I need to get any work I missed.

After HS goal

After high school I’ll join the military and after that I’ll go to college to learn how to become a mechanic so I can start my own car shop.

After the military I'll go to college to learn how to become a mechanic with what money I save but most for my college will be payed for be my time in the military. After I'm done with college I'll try and start my own car shop.

Personal goal

My personal goal is to be more social in my life. I'm mostly shy and antisocial never really cared to talk to people but I want to change that because in a work sense I need to talk to people and work with them and a productive member in a work setting.

"It doesn't matter what people think or say about you, all that maters in your life is to work hard and lead yourself to a successful life" - Old friend of mine (he is not around anymore)


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