Louisiana By: savannah schmitz

Louisianas State tree is bald cypress. Their state flower is a magnolia. Their state bird is a brown pelican
In the summer time the average temperture is 82 degrese and in the winter the temperature is 52degrese over the year the average percipitation is 64in. And 163cm.
Driskill moutain is the hiest point in louisiana it is 535ft high
Louisiana makes there money off of manufacturing , plastics ,fertilizers ,minning, fishing and more
Oil, natrual gas ,salt mines, and pine trees are natural resorces in louisiana
Mardi graus attracts a lot of people and so dose other historical places like the garden district in new orleans or the grand Isle state park and Audubon park in new Orleans
Evelyn Ashford is a fomous track star and won 4 gold medals and Bill Russel is a basketball star B.B king is a blues musician he is known for his unique guitar playing style
Jazz is a huge part of louisianas culture they have big marches with jazz players leading
Louisiana was named after king louis the 14 XIV


Louisiana by Steck Taughn, Louisiana One Nation, Louisiana by Rich Smith

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