Google to make a GPS to know which shops are crowded stop losing time

Whilst many stores offer great discounts and deals for Black Friday, everyone can't help but wonder how long the crowd will be once at the location. That is why Google now provides a "live" view available via Google search results and Google maps on android and desktop. It is a very convenient update as people can see in real time what is happening in the stores they want to go to in order to benefit from the different deals and offers that shops offer after Thanksgiving for the traditional Black Friday. It adresses shops but also restaurants and adds a new feature showing the special holiday opening hours. Shoppers can, from now on, know if they can start eagerly shop on Thanksgiving night.

Thanks to this update, shoppers can also know how long people stay at a given place to be able to estimate how long the crowds will last and anticipate your time. Of course, it is totally impossible to avoid this holiday crowds but you may feel more prepared having the information before hand and you don't have to ask yourself anymore how long the crowd will be. If you are looking to avoid this crowd to buy a new TV for example, this tool is going to be a life saver!

How it works is pretty simple. It lays on the same system as the Google service allowing users to see the traffic in real time in order to anticipate and avoid traffic jams on the road. It collects the anonymous GPS data communicated by the smartphones users and that makes Google able to identify the zones with the highest concentration of people. It repurpose this information to fit the needs of its customers, but it is disturbing and slightly feels like Big Brother watching you and who can monitor every single movement you are doing. On the other hand, it can help stores know how many people went in their store, how long they stayed and see what they bought the most.

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