50 Shades Of Doggo BY: Brandon leon

Artist Statement

The reason why i chose my dog for this project was because i felt like i could show 14 of the photo techniques in class. My dog was the only thing i had in mind when i heard we were going to the final project. Since i wasn’t able to go out to take pictures so i thought to myself oh, i should do my dog if i have nothing else to take pictures of so i just decided on my dog.

I got inspired by looking at social media until i saw some photography of dogs and i said that is what i should do for my final, my dog. I named this project 50 shades of doggo because the pictures are my dog in some different poses and it was really good when i thought of it during taking these picture. Hope you enjoy!

Fill The Frame
Rule Of Thirds
Framing Device
Curved Line
Eye Line
Small Scale
Black And White
Color Psychology
Cover Art


My name is Brandon Leon and i am 14 years old born August 5th 2002 and I am currently attending HeLa High School as a Freshman. Some of my interests are play/watch soccer, look at memes, and play video games. I started taking this photography class and i thought it would be fun and it did. I learned some new photography techniques that i really never knew existed.

I grew up in Beaverton,Oregon and i was born in Watsonville,California and moved to Oregon when i was 1 year old. I moved to Washington in 2010 and from there i have met lots of really good friends including this year. What influenced me to be who i am right now as a person is really just my friends and social media. What interest me in taking a photo class is that i kind of have a more creative mind than my two sisters.

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