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Homework Assignment Class 1

Creative Challenge. Create a Vacation Commercial using found video and audio assets. Edit the video so it is 15 seconds long. Export the video as an MP4 (H.264) and host on Vimeo, Youtube or something similar.

This assignment was technicaly to do, but thinking of the idea was a little harder. After having the main idea, was the finding of the videoparts a second problem, I didn't want to use the video's Matthijs used. When I had all the materials; the video's, the music and a Illustratortext, the assignment wasn't to difficult. The 15 seconds made it even easier, because it made a framework and so a stop to going on and on putting more stuff in it.

Homework Assignment Class 2

Creative Challenge. Create a short video (30 seconds maximum) adding your own clips, audio and graphics as well as adding transitions, effects and titles to your Class 1 Assignment.

This assignment gave some troublles, my Premiere Pro version wasn't the same as the tutorial and there were quite some differences. And Premiere Pro is a very big program with a lot of possibilities, so sometimes I lost all clarity of it. One thing I didn't work out was how to fade out the music. I just cut the tune at a certain point where it ended and then cut it 30 seconds before that. An other thing was the text in the video. I succeded to get a text in my videostart but couldn't find all the textoptions. In my version there is no text but graphics and didn't find the options in here. The making of new video's was a bit easier so I could use them in my commercial. I used a few transition just to practice with them, perhaps to much, but I think it is a educational thing. In my classes I order the student in the first assignments to show what they are able to and after that the make the 'beautiful' assignment.

Homework Assignment survey

Create a short reflection on your learning

The first thing I learned or rather was pointed again in my mind, was the fact that if the video is different then the tools you have, it feels scarry. In our classes students have to deal with this all the time. Reassure themĀ and learning to see the big picture and know how to solve these problems is very important.

I did like the course very much and going to participate in de next videocourse and try to get more knowledge of Premiere Pro. Also liked the fact of giving a certain time for a video, 15 or 30 seconds is something I will use in my assignments in my classes.

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