VOSTOK LAKE is an electronic music experience that defies genre and gender boundaries. Combining aspects of synth-pop, art-rock, and satirical cabaret, VOSTOK LAKE's unpredictable performances have become legendary in the most discerning underground circles in Auckland, New Zealand.

Patricia Hall (L) and Daphne Lawless (R) are Vostok Lake

Daphne Lawless (electronics, vocals, ukelele) started the Vostok Lake musical project in 2007, and Patricia Hall (vocals, percussion, random factor) joined in 2015. Following a successful crowdfunder, their new album Comics and Stories will be available on Random Static Music in early 2021.

VOSTOK LAKE's style is so unique as to consistently defy categorisation. Partially successful attempts include:

  • "Bonnie Tyler meets Keith Emerson"
  • "Peaches meets David Bowie"
  • "Depeche Mode meets Flight of the Conchords, only queerer than that"
  • "the love child of angry sex between Tori Amos and Gary Numan"
  • "Yazoo meets The Skeptics meets Raw Sex... on speed."

Daphne Lawless powers the Vostok Lake sound through a Frankenstein-like array of obsolete keyboards and cheap computers running open-source musical software. Nothing is pre-recorded; it's all controlled in real time. Her interactive solos, where she walks into the audience wearing a wireless keyboard and invites audience members to play, are a regular highlight. Patricia Hall adds soaring soprano vocals, additional live beats, a touch of performance poetry and an "element of surprise".

What the reviewers said...

Praise for Vostok Lake's 2010 album Small Group Psychosis

"The keyboards and percussion might suggest the Human League, but the layers of melody and the mathematically ornate compositions betray a Jethro Tull influence, all adding up to something that is maybe a bit Dresden Dolls, a bit Sisters of Mercy, a bit... sigh - no, it doesn't exactly sound like any of those things. It's easier to just acknowledge who Vostok Lake don't sound like - which is just about everybody else out there...

"The melodies do that thing with the hairs on the back of the neck in all the right places, the synthetic bass lines remain warm and seductive, and the occasional vocal histrionics never fall flat - 'Yonder Lies The Sea', 'a dead thing' and the title track are in particular just beyond words, the sort of music that makes realise what you've been missing with just about every other CD you bought over the last decade. If you've ever totally lost it over Jethro Tull, Kate Bush, Split Enz (!), or any of those other names referenced above, then you seriously need to get a copy of this, though be warned that you shouldn't expect it to sound like any of them." - Lawrence Burton, Ce Acatl blog

"Vostok Lake's jangly synths, electric drums and theatrical vocals are a fine nod to the electro pop and punk of the '80s." - Hannah Jennings-Vojkovic, express

"It brings angsty visions of Alastair Riddell and Bowie, Kate Bush on downers, a not-quite-so-histrionic Roger Waters on The Final Cut." - Bing Turkby, NZ Musician

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Samples of some of the tracks from the upcoming album Comics and Stories


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