Virtual Care Package From NVision You

Are you having a hard time adjusting to the COVID-19 demands and restrictions? Are you struggling with how to adjust working from home and how to manage your work/life balance?

We are here to help!

Keep scrolling to "unpack" your virtual self-care package

Consider starting each morning with a daily meditation to create a positive headspace and productive routine. Here are some good resources to start.

Relax and do something mindless like coloring.

Strengthen your mind-body connection by doing some yoga from the comfort of your home.

What are you grateful for during these tough times?

Write something down daily in a journal

Go on a mindful walk for a minimum of 5 minutes to clear your head

Engage your senses. When you step outside, what is the first thing you see? As you begin to walk, notice the pressure of your feet on the ground beneath you, what sensations do you notice? Expand your attention to any sounds around you, what do you hear? When you're ready, shift your awareness to your sense of smell. To end your mindful walk, redirect your attention back to your feet until you feel grounded, calm and at peace.

Socialize Virtually!

While we continue to engage in social distancing, please be mindful of alternative ways to stay connected to each other during this time of isolation. Consider calling a friend or utilizing Facetime (or any video chat platform such as Skype) to contact friends and family.

Working from home can be hard due to distractions being easily accessible. Consider creating structure by establishing a routine to encourage productivity. You can also use this time to organize and declutter your home to allow for a clean space with little distractions. By planning to keep ourselves busy and active, we can work to decrease anxiety and depressive symptoms from occurring.


Give yourself permission to "unplug" from social media, emails, etc. for at least 1 hour a day and be mindful of what comes up for you. What did you notice?
We are now offering online therapy!

Feel free to email us at Hello@NVisionYou.com or call us at: (312) 955-1212 if you have any questions about teletherapy and how NVision You plans to proceed given the COVID-19 outbreak.

Live life. Be well. Stay safe.


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