My 10 important events from Crow By Sebastian Tejada

One event that happened in Crow was that there was a riot of Red Shirts who were attacking African Americans and trying to kill them because they didn't want them to vote. The Democrats won the election by this act of violence so that Republicans couldn't win the election.

Another event that occurred was that the riot caused the newspaper building to burn down. But Moses and his dad escaped in time before it burned down. Similarity, the Wilmington Post building burned down during the Wilmington Race Riot.

Another event from the book was when Moses's dad died during the riot because in riots lots of people would try to stand up for there rights but were killed for doing so.

When Moses saved a baby during the riot, it changed everything because he had seen so many people die who he could have helped and this was his chance to save someone.

Also when he was trying to help Alex Manly escape to the north it connects to the Wilmington Race Riot because a lot of people in history hid other people to keep them safe from the riots that were happening.

When Moses wanted to buy a bicycle the owner said he couldn't get it because he was black. This happened a lot during this period of history because people were still upset over African Americans getting rights.

After that Moses wanted to quit school to help his mom earn money. Similarly, a lot of families didn't have much money during the period of time that the Race Riot took place and they had to leave school to find work to help their families.

Then when Moses was getting some free food from the train station, people assumed that he was stealing because he was African American which is a racist stereotype. The Red Shirts were also racists.

When the Red Shirts took away Moses's father it was heart breaking because he did nothing wrong. There were a lot of people in the city who were African American who had to got to jail without just cause.

My final important event was when Moses's friend who was white kicked him. This was really important because they were friends. However, his friend's dad forced Moses's friend to do something that he didn't want to do because his dad was a racist.

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