Life Cycle of a Butterfly Mrs. Comer

The Butterfly lays eggs.

The butterfly lays an egg.

The egg grows into a caterpillar.

The caterpillar grows as it eats plants.

The caterpillar makes a cocoon.


Created with images by FreeWine - "Butterfly" • Armando Maynez - "Morpho peleides wings closed (blue morpho butterfly)" • wonderferret - "15 Feb 2007 (a butterfly in the making)" • Max0rz - "Caterpillar" • goingslo - "Be-Jeweled Monarch (Butterfly) Chrysalis" • kiwinz - "Monarch egg on leaf" • kiwinz - "Monarch egg on leaf" • - "Emperor Moth - Caterpillar - "Saturnia Pavonia"" • ksuyin - "Under attack" • SidPix - "Monarch Life Cycle — 10 of 20"

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