Foam Cake By: Madisyn Lambrakis


Foam cakes are cakes with little (if any) fat such as, oil or shortening.


Foam cakes contain no fat.

Leavening agent:

The leavening agent is the air beaten into eggs whites, which is mechanical. There is so chemical leavening agent in a foam cake.

An "angel food cake" is a perfect example of a type of foam cake, because it contains zero fat, egg whites, and its leavening agent is the air beaten into the egg whites.

Mixing Method:

Use the "Mixing Foam Cake" method.

The first step is to sift and measure the flour.
Next, beat egg whites until foamy, add the salt and cream of tarter. Continue beating eggs to a soft peak.
Gradually add sugar and beat to a stiff peak.
Fold the flour into the egg whites with a rubber scraper.
Work Cited: "Angel+food+cake+recipe - Google Search." Angel+food+cake+recipe - Google Search. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Feb. 2017. This recipe fits into the "Foam Cake" category, because it matches the definition of using egg whites and no fat.

Work Cited: Allrecipes. "How to Make Angel Food Cake." YouTube. YouTube, 11 Aug. 2011. Web. 03 Feb. 2017.

This video matches the recipe for "Angel Food Cake" that we used in class perfectly! The only thing that differs, is that in the video the cake is cooled upside down on a stand. Otherwise then that, the steps are exact!

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