Origin of religion

The main founder of Christianity is Jesus, the son of god. god is reveled through three DIMENSIONS;the father, the son and the holy spirit. Christianity was founded in JERUSALEM in the first CENTURY. along with christianity, women have the OPTION to wear head scarfs, its MONOTHEISTIC but each religion has different ideas and names for their god and the way of worship.

Major beliefs

The bible is the christians holy book. this book includes the old testament,which talks about god and how man kind began to the new testament, which showed the story of jesus and his followers. The bible can be found in the church, which is the christians place of worship. The church is under the rule of the PRIEST or ministers.

Branches of Christianity

over the years different branches have been based off of CHRISTIANITY. These branches are church of the east, oriental orthodoxy, eastern orthodoxy, roman catholicism, and protestantism. theology and traditions set each of these branches apart.

Holidays and Traditions

two of the main holidays christians CELEBRATE are christmas and easter. Christmas is celebrated december 25th, the day jesus was born. easter falls on a sunday in spring. other traditions that christians follow are good friday, lent, palm sunday, and attending church every sunday.

Grace Re & Ewelina Hornik

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