-Jimin is a good-looking boy, has a curly and short silver hair. He's always enthusiastic to go exploring new places, but also polite and unfriendly to other people and doesn’t quit fuscous on his classmates when his studying or in class.

-One day Jimin was searching for his old diary and accidently a paper fell on his forehead. He looked at the paper and opened it "What's that? How did it get here?" said Jimin to himself. He found a treasure map was drawn. It was quiet old but not that old, so he decided to go for treasure hunting alone so he packed the things he wanted and went to the deserts.

-After two hours of searching he realized that he was lost in the desert "I'm lost in the desert, aren't I?" he said, suddenly Jimin saw a figure moving. He ran toward the figure, he saw a boy with a medium and curly blonde hair, he was long and fashionable also looked nice and trustable person, the boy was surprised by Jimin popping out in front of his face "Waaaaaaaa, You scared me" the boy said to Jimin "Oh! Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you" Jimin said so they introduced their self's first "Your name is V, isn't it?" Jimin asked ''Yes and your name is Jimin, isn't it?" V replied "Yes" Jimin replied.

-They asked each other about what they are doing in a wide desert alone. First Jimin started by saying "Well I'm here for treasure hunting and exploring at the same time and you?", "Ummm….. Well I'm here to explore just like you" V replied awkwardly to him, suddenly someone came and grabbed them and hit them in their head and both of them fainted.

-Jimin woke up and found himself with V in a dull place, they barely saw anything also they heard a footsteps coming toward them so they acted that they still didn't wake up. Jimin and V were eavesdropping the two men who entered, they were hostages for them. Jimin and V tried to escape from them but they couldn't because the ropes were strong and well tied.

-Jimin had noticed a person monitoring their moves from the door they were locked in. he told V not to do anything until the man goes but the man didn't go. He was still monitoring their moves, suddenly the man opened the door and moved toward them "Shhhh…… Don't worry, I'm a good hunter and I'll help you to escape from this place" said the hunter. Somehow we both felt relived about the hunter, "You are a trustable person, aren't you? Jimin and V, "It's up to you my dear to trust me or not but hurry up and makes your decision before they come.'' He said, both of them were thinking until they heard the noises of the footsteps coming toward them. They nodded their heads and escaped with the hunter

-The two men started shouting "The two hostages ran away, hurry up and catch them!" The men started to search for them and the three of them ran to the nearest shelter to hide. Suddenly Jimin heard a whisper "Jimin wake up, hurry up you're in a /////". He woke up and found himself in the classroom, surrounded by the teacher and his whole classmates around him.

-"Good morning Jimin, If you don’t mind can we start our lesson" said Mr. Jin, "Ah... Of course you can" Jimin replied. "So I was saying there is a tanker student" ''you can enter now and sorry to keep you waiting" Mr. Jin said. The transfer student entered and the BIG SURPRAISE is the new transfer student is V himself. He sat beside me he whole day he even didn't try to talk to him "I guess it was a dream after all, wasn't it" said Jimin to himself.

-Any what do you think will happen next; well they become friends at last or not.

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