Butterflies & Good Life benjamin lantinberg

Cover photo taken by Benjamin Lantinberg


Photos taken by Benjamin Lantinberg

My favorite area of the Natural History Museum, by far, is the Butterfly garden. Walking into the huge green house immediately immerses you into the environment of nature and life. Lush greenery and a comfortably warm garden is extremely welcoming and draws in visitors of all ages. Though a butterfly garden in majority, there is so much nature besides that. Streams, greenery, and even small birds and other insects fill the space. Getting to spend my time in a room that seemed so foreign and exotic to the campus I had been spending my time helped to shake up the daily rut of being on campus. Being transported to a different place is such a cool feeling, especially when all you have to do is walk through the door.

Nature & Ethics

Photos taken by Benjamin Lantinberg

Before you enter the butterfly garden, you walk through the actual exhibit. There are walls and walls of information and butterflies in display cases. So many have gone extinct for different reasons. There are panels on diet, migration, and everything that deals with a butterfly's life. Seeing how they have evolved and lived before diving into their environment makes you appreciate their delicate beauty, especially seeing how there is such a wide variety of wings style around the world. Understanding how they have lived around the world and then spending time with them makes you appreciate conservation and protection. The creatures are so delicate and helpless, so it is our duty as citizens to protect them through our conservation efforts. It is up to mankind and mankind only to conserve them.


Photos taken by Benjamin Lantinberg

Spending my day at the museum was such a fun way to break away from the monotony of school. I left my dorm, the library, and the typical path of campus to immerse myself in an inviting and warm environment. I got to look at a beautiful variety of creatures with my friends. We spent the afternoon taking pictures and walking around, which was something so different from our usual schedule. Though going was an assignment, it was enjoyable and did not seem like one because we all genuinely had a fun time together since it was such an atypical experience. The world is such a magical place if you just choose to look around. Look beyond the typical daily routine and you'll notice there is so much more out there.

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