Elements of Art By melissa rostran


A never ending beyond where some things aren't known... stars and nebulas are held on there own thrown... Not many things are known in this place called space.


A shape is not flat, but yet has a back... circles are round and has no end..... so who's to say that all shapes aren't the same... it's a given or a fact, that shapes come in many forms and sizes.... creating a new revolution that emphasizes


Red, orange, green and yellow are all part of a miraculous rainbow... Many colors are brought upon this world ... but yet, each person sees colors in different forms... As white, black , or bright depending on their view of sight


Expressive lines are seen throughout the world... the marks are tinted in every artwork... movement of physical action overload in positive doors


Atmospheric perspective plays a role in value... Making people feel emotion once in a while... It's contrast defines shadows that are sometimes brought to life.... creating a new dimension that leads people to the light


Texture has a surface that contains a variety of quality ... from common products known as glass and wood ... it can feel either hard or smooth


People define form as a three dimensional aspect... It can be natural, abstract or realistic... But what makes it so different.... Form is viewed differently from others.... Making it seem worth the wild

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