Aberdare Fire Station 20th January 2017

The children received a call out saying that the 'shed' @AberdareParkSchool had caught fire! #Shocked
This fire engine carries over 8,000 litres of water and is only used if the main fire engine needs more. To understand just how much water that is, you could spend more than 15hrs in a shower and you still wouldn't run out of water! #Wrinkled #That'sAlotOfWater
Beep beep!
"In here, we carry general tools like hammers and...". "Can I have a go at the hammer?" (Out of everything that was available, they wanted to hold a hammer.. I don't think so!)
The Jaws Of Life
"Stick em up Mr Gowen"
Someone couldn't wait to go to the toilet!
The fire fighter showed us how heavy their training dummy is. On behalf of the children, "it's super heavy!!"

Here comes the fun! #FireHose #LetsMakeASplash #GetMrGowen! #CarWash?

We had such a good time! We even tried to become fire fighters ourselves!

Thanks for having us! We had such a great time! Diolch yn fawr!

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