Table of Contents:

1. Brochure cover

2. Map of the Central Pacific Railway

3. Information about the trip

4. Pictures of the amazing trip and inside the train cars

About the Trip

Scenery: During your glorious travel you will be able to see many incredible sights. You can look at the astonishing Buffalo packs travel along the beautiful prairies in humongous herds of uncontested power. You will also see the beautiful mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevadas and Rocky Mountains touch the sky with their towering snowcapped peaks. Along the way you will travel past the Great Salt Lake and through the Humboldt Desert. Some cities you will stop at are the City of Deseret, Cheyenne, and Green River.

Cost: At a bargain of 75 dollars for a ticket from Omaha, Nebraska to Sacramento, California. This will cover for a luxurious first class ride through the Wild West.

Sleeping and eating: Enjoy the quietness of sleep in the Central Pacific Railway sleeping cars. Then wake up and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the nearest town and enjoy the hospitality of the locals.

The difference in riding the Central Pacific Railway than on a slow covered wagon: The trek from Omaha, Nebraska to Sacramento, California would be 2,000 miles long and would take 3-6 months. But you could save so much time and so much money and rely on us, the Central Pacific Railroad to get you there in comfort.

Land for sale: With the price of 3-5 dollars an acre you could buy yourself a humongous plot of land. It would be advantageous to you to try to buy some land near the railroad and create a town to begin a big, bustling community. The creation by you, could result with you being a wealthy man or woman.

Our spacious and luxuriant trains will make sure you have the best time traveling on the Central Pacific Railway and we guar·an·tee that you will be riding with us again.

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