Ethan De La Cruz Genius Hour How has technology affected the human body?

Blog Post 1

My genius hour project is gonna be over how technology has affected the human body. For example, using technology can help save a live. It can be helpful and harmful. Getting surgery can help save someones life, But cyber-bullying can have a huge effect on someone else. I decided to do this topic because we use technology everyday of our lives. Why not learn about what it does to the body? My goals for this project is to inform all of you about the effects of technology on your body. I want to research this because I want everybody to read this so they can understand how technology has helped us or harmed us. I will measure my goal by finding all the information about my topic until I start seeing all the results on every website I go on.

Blog Post 2

The topic I have chosen has a lot of information. I learned that technology affects not only our body, but our brain too. It affects our memory, our actions, our attention to technology, and our sleep cycles. The bright light from our phones are tricking our brain into thinking it is still daylight causing sleep difficulties. The lack of sleep causes bags under your eyes. Being connected can cause psychological issues such as distraction, narcissism, expectation of instant gratification, and even depression. According to a 2012 study, 66 percent of people would feel alarmed without their phones. One of the sources I used was . It’s just like a cigarette rewriting your brain. You always want to be on it and when you're not, you think about getting on it. I learned that there was a lot more information about this topic than I had thought there was. I learned that I can get frustrated really easily trying to find out what information is true or not. I will continue to search for more information about my topic. For now I will keep y'all posted.

Blog Post 3

Some stuff I have learned about my topic is that technology has affected the way we sit. There was a study done on technology and our posture and there is about nine novel new postures that can cause back pains and discomfort. For example it ranges from the slouch or hunch that is common to people working on laptops while attempting to use a phone at the same time. Technology isn't all bad though. Technology has helped us more than we know. Technology has helped students study and prepare for stuff. It helps us manage our budgets. Without technology we wouldn't know what specific time it was so instead of using the sun you ca just pull out your phone or look at your watch. It also helps us in the shopping business too. Instead of driving to the store, you can just go online and look up what you want to buy. I used a website called I learned that this topic can be confusing on finding the real facts.

Blog Post 4

Technology is fun to use, but do you know what its doing to you? Probably not, so I will tell you. Using your phones can give you cancer.

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