Key West

Key West has many things to see up to the incredible views to the nice comfy beds in the hotels. They have an incredible bridge the connects all the islands together and on both sides of the bridges is beautiful clear water and many coral reefs or sea turtles. It's right on the east coast and west coast so ether if you wake up you may see the sunrise or if you are on the other side stay up and watch the sunset.

Margaritavill is a restaurant in key west that has Jimmy Buffette , a famous singer. There are a lot of shops to get drinks or to buy clothes or just the walk around and look at the cool things. There are many restaurants with up to sea food or a nice set of a rack of ribs.

Here are some restaurants if you want to go out to eat at night or have a nice lunch.
Try and see which hotel you prefer there's many next to the ocean and nice ocean vewis . Also nice spas to relax from a hard day at the beach and always a nice big pool to swim in.
If you go to Key West there are so many things to do either in the water or out but you can go parasailing and snorkeling. There are boats that take you out to the clearest part of the water and you can see all the pretty wildlife in the water. There is jet skiing and dolphin tours. There are sunset and sunrise boats that take u out in the morning or night to see a beautiful scenery. At night there is a board walk that comes to life with entertainment and acts to watch.


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