Not all who wander are lost fortunately i am

The never ending milky way chase! This is one thing me and my friends around are never tired of. Hunting for dark skies and getting all coordinates matched up, we set out to grass lands, great planes, mountains, un-inhabited, forts and graveyards.

One of our favorite graveyards at Old Rock Church in Crainsfill Gap, TX.

The night sky lovers speak the same language. We meet many under the dark sky. Unlike the people under the day light, they are all humans. They exhibit passion, passion for star gazing, passion for photography, passion for astronomy and passion for life. This is the place I started the love for night sky and stars. I just wanted to shoot one heart filling milky way shot. But the love just began there. From the photons out there criss crossing, I just collected few and saved 'em.

Let us send some photons back!

Started here with my friend. Back then no one knew of this place. We knew the park and the park knew us. The night sky out here is pristine and is a home away from home. Indeed it is home to history and some great humans who are human.

I saw a haze at the horizon, and it rose.

Romance in graveyard. If it was not for her, I might not have explored half of what I have. She never asked where we are going. It is just about going. Old Rock Church is always a place to go again.

Home is where I have her in arms.

The iconic fort at the Fort Griffin. One fine day, after the frustrating cloning class and exam, I called up my friend and said I need to get outta here, anywhere is fine but cloning! He is a wanderer himself. So no questions asked. Set out to the middle of no where thinking GPS will work anywhere in TX. Surprise on the Texas country road at 10:00 PM! GPS got us lost and no cell phone signal. Drove in the dark till we got some signal and called up my girlfriend. She said, keep moving and find an intersection. That gave her the idea which road and direction we are headed to. Then she said turn back and travel about 10 miles and you will be there. We finally reached the State park we are looking for and found that the gates are closed. Smarty my friend got the info that the lock code is the reverse of the last 4 digits of their telephone number. We had to try for long to open the old rusty lock. When we finally reached the top, it was worth ten times the effort. I saw the darkest skies of my life there. We camped for 2 days and headed to OK to thank my girlfriend. That trip to the fort and girlfriend was just the beginning of the journey, the life journey!

The window to the outer space

The Milky way that spanned across. We were on our way back from the fort and like always, we cant get enough, ever. Took a turn on the road to see that the star path is standing across the road, staring us! Needless to say, we stopped and started clicking again. Neither the cold nor the heat could ever stop us. Then we traveled East, with the Milky way. Telling every moment in the mind that it won't be too long before we come back.

Birds of a feather

The vastness of the man named universe can't be comprehended by man. And they say that there is a time before time. I don't get it. I just know that this is my world and there can be many out there. Considering the vastness and the possibilities, humans are crazy to have created problems for themselves that are negligibly small, yet can't look up to the night sky and find how small we are.

Little do I capture
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