Ashish: “Open the book” time at Mousehole School was great fun. We could see children paying close attention to story and were very much excited to tap the feet to make an earthquake sound. The joy of meeting students whom we now fairly know and see the expression of welcome and warms on their faces towards us is precious. It’s a Golowan week. Children were also busy decorating, painting Golowan statue.

Josh: I went out the week before Mazey Day to observe the Street Pastor team in Penzance. From what the team were saying, it was a quiet night since people were saving money for the following Saturday. What the night held though was something different for me, seeing revellers from a different perspective. Some of the group struggled to understand exactly why people wanted to go out to drink on a Saturday night. What struck me was how their Christian love shone through, despite having that barrier and disagreeing with what people were deciding to do with their nights.

Sarah: It was fantastic to do Open the book at Mousehole School with Chris, Ashish and Richard. The drama started with Paul and Silas (P&S) chained in prison for delivering a slave girl of a spirit. And while they are in prison, they start praising God, and that leads to an earthquake which releases them from their chains. The jailor, afraid that the prisoners have fled, attempts to kill himself, but P&S come to the scene and stop him saying they would not run as they didn’t want him to be in trouble! Ooooh! The whole act was very lively and brought out the 'actor' in us. The kids were excited as well, as they had to make the sound of an earthquake by stamping their feet. But best of all was that they understood the moral of the story – don’t do things that can put other people into trouble. Great experience overall!

Ashish: Saturday Night out with Street Pastor’s was an exciting experience. It was good to see volunteers from different churches across Penzance coming together on that night to serve people. Sarah and I could see a real picture of nightlife in Penzance. It’s quite different than a usual day time one. We had few people praying at prayer base, while 5 of us were on streets (Thank God that it didn’t rain that night); we could serve, speak to many youths. While we received friendly hugs from youths we helped with water, flip-flops, sweet candies, bandages etc. hugged us, some of them were just appreciative when they found out that we are doing it voluntary for THEM. One girl asked, “Don’t you get fed up doing this every time for bad people like us who get drunk etc.” One boy said, “What really motivates you to serve us”. Isn’t it the Love of God that we received for ourselves and the knowledge of God’s love for His children who are out in pubs and Clubs on Saturday night?

One of Mousehole School's Mazey Day Procession creations!

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