WEEkend Inspiration A Selection of the Steaziest Tricks

This year, like every other year, the snowboard industry has released the latest and greatest for the big screen. Every snowboarding feature you will see this fall will have some of the most elaborate tricks out there. From quad-cork double grabs, to one-footed 40 metre gaps, the athletes you see in those films are truly amazing. In competitions, points are awarded for various things such as difficulty, risk, amplitude, execution, combinations, and style. What is truly personal in all of those is style. It is something unique that riders develop with time, and by being influenced by their peers and idols. When one is able to add style to a trick it is because it has been mastered, it has become easy... er. Style + Ease = Steaze.

To be honest, when asked by our fearless leader to write a Top 5 Tricks list, I started thinking about all the snowboard videos I had ever seen. Now, that list is extensive. So I picked 5 stylish tricks executed by some of the best in the industry. Enjoy.

1. The Method

Need I explain? This video by Teton Gravity Research explains the essence and the beauty of the method. Check out Terje Håkonsen and Nicolas Müller's in this clip, as they are considered the masters of this classic trick.

2. Hardway Frontside 360 no grab (size matters)

You might never have heard of Mark Frank Montoya before, and for a reason. The first ever American-Mexican to make it to pro snowboarding was never about throwing down big tricks. He's all about just throwing down BIG! MFM brought his own gangster-like style to snowboarding along with massive 180s and 360s. Click below to check out a segment from Absinthe Productions' Optimistic check out Marco's massive Hardway Frontside 360 off of a humongous step down at 2:30.

3. The Revert Carve

Whistler. Banff/Lake Louise. Aspen. Vail. Chamonix. Val d'Isère. Jackson Hole. Everyone's heard of those mountains. Ever heard of Yawgoo Valley, Rhode Island? Well I certainly had not before the Yawgoons' first few edits. See, the thing is the world is filled with those small country side mountains aimed at the working class of that area, and they are all filled with talented riders such as Dylan Gamache and friends. In Yawgoons 16, (as well as in every other edit they've published) you can truly see how you can use anything to be a creative snowboarder. Even by just modifying a manoeuvre as simple as a carve. Check out these guys' original revert carve at 0:50. It also sparked a slew of variants like the one at 3:50 to come to life.

4. Backside Rodeo to Frontside Boardslide

The first time I heard of Sébastien Toutant was in 2006. I was in my first years of snowboard instructing and went to check out the Empire Ride Shakedown at Mont Saint-Sauveur, just outside of Montréal. With a CAD10 000$ (about 5 000 GBP) grand prize, the competition attracted a lot of the big Canadian names. Seb Toots, only 13 years old at the time, managed to win it all, in a massive upset for the rest of the guys in the challenge. Being partly CASI trained, this young man represents my hometown, and the future of snowboarding with street edits that will blow your mind, and countless titles all over the world. In his 2014 street edit, he introduced something that had never really been seen before: BIG, I mean MASSIVE spins and tricks coming off urban rails. And then, at 2:00, just when you thought you'd seen it all, he goes for a Backside Rodeo to Frontside Boardslide... Over a fence... Check it out for yourself down below.

5. Cab 540 Double Shifty

Before Red Bull, before all the tree taps, and before M83 made snowboard movie soundtracks, Travis Rice was already a legend. Years of hard work led to what he has become now, and this part of Absinthe's More shows what an awesome athlete he was even 10 years ago. At 1:22 in this clip, T-Rice shows us what skill really is by going big, spinning with the utmost control, and adding in a manoeuvre that goes against the laws of inertia. The shifty is the basic movement behind the method, and as you saw in the first clip of this post, it kind of goes against your direction of travel, and without strong core muscles it would never be possible. Now do a double shifty. In a Switch Frontside (Cab) 540. There you go...

Now you might be wondering why I picked those tricks, instead of the ones that make people famous, like a triple or a quad-cork. I picked those because they are relatable to my personal riding and have shaped me into the rider that I am today. To get there though, I have had to fail a number of times. I am now going to leave you with a sneak peek of what that might have looked like at times.

May the shred be with you,


Please note that, before you watch this next clip, we, at Nonstop Snowboarding, are committed to making you succeed and the progression offered for any trick you want to learn will be done in a safe manner.

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