THE LARCH Wand Do it yourself project:By Paris kelley

Essay: I choose to do the larch wand because as I was doing my research and reading up on it was some very interesting things. The stick it self looked really stunning. As I was carving my stick I mad many mistakes. For example I was supposed to shape it into a ball figure but I kept on carving and it got really thin and it didn't work out. In my opinion I thinks this project takes patience and diligence if we were to do this project again I think my stick would be better cause I would have learn from all my mistakes that I did on the first one. I think my stick could have been better but sometimes I am impatient and my rush things a bit. Overall, I thought this was a really awesome project as we got to look around the classroom I seen many of good sticks. I could tell that some people did hard work I would like to give Matthew and Kaylie a shoutout there's was very great.

The first thing you need to when trying to do a larch wand is going in your back yard and finding a great stick in your back yard. The stick should not be dead to wet but it should like damp and a little bit of green.

This would be a great stick my stick was a little bit green and not soaking wet.

The second thing you need to do is take a nice knife that sharp and not a dull knife and start taking the bark of of the stick. You shouldn't do it like and idiot because you could cut yourself ,and if you have gloves you should put them on because you would be safe from cutting yourself.

This picture was a photo of me taking all the bark off of your stick.

The third thing you need to once the bark is all of if the stick is to design it. You can design your wand with many material like a saw and rotary tool and there is many others. I designed my stick with a saw because that was the easiest thing to do for me.

I designed my wand with a saw to put these lines around my stick.

The fourth thing you need to after all your designing is done. Is to sand your wand down really well when sanding your wand down it makes it nice and smooth.

Made sure when sanding your using the side that has the sanding piece in it !!

The Fifth thing you need to do is staining your wand down. When staining your wand you should wear a smock so it wouldn't get on your clothes. When you stain a wand you should put on gloves and take a rag and dip into the stain and then paint on to the wand. After your dome staining go but it by a window or air conditioner to let it try.

The final thing you need to do is but on a clear coat you put it in after the staining piece is dry. When putting in a clear coat take a medium size paint brush and dip it into clear coat on to the stick ,and you will let tat piece dry and you will be all done.

This is the clear coat you schools use .

Safety: When you carve a stick you should wear gloves or put a piece if tape on your thumb. If you start to bleed do not let it trip all of the floor but pressure in while you walking to an area to clean up. When using a rotary tool where safety classes and but your hair up.

Quote:"The wand chooses the wizard, Mr.Potter."


Candice Ruiz

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