Digital Productivity Be able to maintain devices and resolve common digital problems

Describe the basic configuration of common digital devices and assess and resolve common digital problems

Is the device you are using wifi enabled or cellular. Does the Internet connection allow for hotspot/tethering. This would depend on the type of contract you are paying for. On some contracts, you may have unlimited data but you are not actually able to tether. Are you aware of how to turn this on and off?

Operating system - do you know how to update the version? On the device you are working on, are you aware of how to update the operating system? Does this happen automatically when you are on Wifi or do you have to manually do this. What happens if you are working on a laptop or computer?

• Compatible software for device, for example App Store, Google Play or Windows Store. Not all apps are available on all platforms. If you are looking to download a new tool, you need to make sure that it available on the platform that your device supports

• User account areas – different access rights- do you have admin rights on the device you are working on? If not, how do you overcome these?

• Accessibility features- how accessible the is the device you are working on? Are you able to activate speech recognition software, help with spelling? Do you know how to turn these off it they are not needed?


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