The weird house on the block By BUrke Mansour

Everybody knows the house; tall, black or white and has pillars. The lawn is always scattered with junk. The house has a mailbox that does not open. You never lay eyes on the people who live in the house, but when you do they are doing something crazy. The weather is mostly nice here in Illinois but it always feels a little bit cooler by THE WEIRD HOUSE ON THE BLOCK.

Anyway, my name is Tom and I live right next to the weird house on our block. But this is not your normal weird house on the block. Weird stuff happens in there, and in about two hours I'm going in to explore it. I'm a little scared of going in, but I'm a fast runner. And very tough - at least that's what people say.

The time is almost here for me to go in. It was raining earlier but it's stopped for now. There are still some dark clouds in the sky and the occasional drizzle, but that wasn't going to stop me from going in. Nobody has come out or gone in that house for three months. I know this since I spent my summer days watching.

It was finally time to go in. I had planned this all out. I went right for the window, which I saw was wide open, and that led to what I think was the kitchen. There were some weird pictures that I thought nothing of, but what really scared me was the awful smell - kind of like something was rotting. I have been planing on going into this house for months now so a bad smell is not going to stop me. I decided I was going to go farther into this house even if that meant breaking down doors. I need to know where the people who lived there went.

I had searched all of the first floor area and been all the way upstairs and it was pretty scary stuff. By then I was wondering if I’d seen the whole house and started walking to the door when I saw the basement, so I opened the closed door and started walking down.

When I got halfway down I heard people talking and a chicken screeching. I kept going though and when I got to the end of the stairs to my horror I saw people who I recognized as devil worshipers. One of them was holding a chicken and the other a long knife that I knew was went for one thing only and that is killing. Then they saw me.

I started moving slowly up the stairs and walked right into one of them. He started pushing me into a star shaped area in which they had just cut the chicken and left it there. At least now I knew what the smell was. Then they started chanting. The one man was still holding me while the one with the knife approached.

He was about a foot away from me and I knew I had to act now. I swung my foot back hard, kicking the guy in the stomach. This made him double over in pain. I heard them start to run at me so I started to run up the stairs.

I was at the top stairs when I felt a hand on my foot. I stopped and swung my foot back, hitting the man in the face and causing him to fall down the stairs, taking everyone with him.

I ran for the door, fumbled with the knob, and then I was out! I slammed the door shut behind me making the house shake and moan behind me, and ran home. My mom wasn't there yet so I had to just sit and wait. I kept on sitting in my room hoping my mom would come home soon. At one point, I peeked out my window and saw the house just as I had left it, only the door was open begging people to come in.


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