Elba Nohely Izquierdo San Jose California

A little about me

My name is Elba Nohely Izquierdo. I am a twenty-two tear old student at San Jose State University. I am currently at a very interesting time in my life. I am learning so much about myself and I have a lot offer. My passion for education and knowledge is increasing daily. My creativity and quality of my work has also made has also grown rapidly. Personally, and my creativity has also leans a I like snowboarding, surfing, and hiking. I love nature and any time I am in a body of water I feel at peace. I recently decided to become Vegan and I enjoy cooking.


I had the privilege to attend Notre Dame High School and I graduated 2012. Notre Dame High school is located in the heart of downtown San Jose. I was open to the diversity of my city and my school. I learned a lot through school and my peers. I also I learned a lot about social justice, world issues, and community service. Since it was a college preparatory school I was exposed to long study hours. I learn to be as productive as I could in the least amount of time. I have had a long lasting friendships not only with my colleagues but also with my professors.

I am soon going to finish my journey with San Jose State University. I have been privileged with great professors and an abundance of resources. My creative skills have been constantly pushed and I have been able to express and see some of my visions come to life. At school I have learned how to use Indesign, Photoshop, and Premier pro. I have learned the basic about design and what appeals to the public. I have learned how to shoot a video and edit them. I also learned a lot about social media and how to advertise a company on different social media platforms. I learned about analytics and how to use programs such as hoot suite and excel.


Through a social media class at San Jose State University I had the opportunity to work for the company Bedlam Beauty and Barber. Our project was over the course of a semester. We had to post daily content on different platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The content had to be different and it had to generate likes or comments. Not only did our group have to extremely coordinated but we also had to be very creative. I was in charge of coming up with original content and I was also in charge of analytics. We quickly learned what types of posts and captions appealed to our viewers and our task was to increase our numbers weekly. I also had to build charts and present how we did as a class at the end of the semester.

I worked for the YMCA for three years as an after school leader. During this time I learned a lot about kids, low-income families, and non-profit organizations. I learned how to work as a team and come up with creative ways to improve the quality of the program. I learned how to deal with constructive criticism and how to give constructive criticism. I was able to give to train someone I learned to deal with frustrated parents. This job fought me how to speak with people and it helped my spanish advance.


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