The Future of Storytelling for Place SEGD Xlab

Took a Cab to Brooklyn to meet Erin and Joohyun. Trains were backed up.

New Brooklyn
Digital Media Folks
Trueform Digital
Shaped Corian
Joo and Erin !
Start of Event
1st Session

Soda Report

Design Leads Companies

Gallagher and Associates

Noa Dolberg and Ariel Efron

Go into design process with a story

Tina Rosenbaum, SET

Do the opposite of what is expected

Diesel pop up Chinatown
Product in Peepholes
Create a Twist
Lilian Preston BlueCadet
Rendering Examples
Design for Offsight
David Schwarz. Hush
Inspire Artistically
Deliver the Design of Time
Innovate in Everything You Do
Design space should be like symphony piece whith intro - Start - Chorus -Climax - Outro - Ending

Bring client in as partner to see initial concepts. Saves time and adds trust.

Best projects come through client collaboration

Experience first - then Architecture

Out for Lunch
Abigail Honor Loren Ipsum
Platov Airport
A note at how minimal much of the interactive displays are. Architecture is after thought and not important.
Lemke Meijer Gagarin
Empathy as a Design tool
Interact with a Glacier
Design with Empathy
Tammuz Dubnov Zuzor

Interactive Dance with Story

Discussion with Audience
Ricardo Prada Google UX

Google AI

Interesting Machine Learning Topic.

AI generated Art
Jason Bruges Studio

The big take away Is to design with a story. Even if it’s a simple one.

The End

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Saul Stokes

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