Remembering Christopher Miles Greene The Legendary "Big City Hippie"

The legendary “Big City Hippie,” Christopher Miles Greene passed away unexpectedly on November 25th, 2020 in Little Rock, Arkansas. As if 2020 couldn’t suck any more, his lifelong dream of being eaten by a shark did not come true.

Christopher was very much like the ocean that he felt so connected to: he was both wild and calm, full of life, curiosity, and answers if you listened closely.

On Thanksgiving, some families got the call they had been praying for: Christopher said yes to being an organ donor. His lungs, kidneys, and heart valves were able to go to people that needed them. In addition, he donated every possible tissue. Christopher would have been incredibly happy and proud to help so many people. His entire family is praying for those recipients.

Christopher lived every day like he knew he only had 38 years on Earth. He never rushed anything. He savored every minute he had. He was ALWAYS up for an adventure at the drop of a hat. He wanted to go everywhere and try everything. Whether it was the ocean, camping, or hitting the town in Chicago with his “Papa” Harry “Bud” Barker, Christopher savored every minute of his adventures. He never wanted to be tied down to anything other than his “son” - really an Old English Bulldog named Texas - his family, and those lucky enough to call him a friend, who were often welcomed with a cold beer or a shot of whiskey and his big ‘ol crooked smile, regardless of the time of day. If anyone said anything about it, he’d most likely respond, “Eff y’all, we’re Irish!” Christopher was proud to be a part of a motley crew. One of diversity. A band of pirates. He would have had it no other way.

Christopher forever prided himself on his loyalty and feistiness, which he attributed to his “momma”, Charlene (Charnie) Hicks. During family toasts, cheers, or conversations, he always made sure that everyone knew where credit was due: his mom. He was and forever will be a proud momma's boy and would show it in any way possible. Whether that meant cleaning her kitchen after she taught him a secret family recipe, getting her a glass of wine, or talking for hours about their love for our family's traditions, he was always entirely grateful and proud to be in her loving presence.

The calm, cool, adventurous spirit that every person felt when they met Christopher was an imprint from his dad, Richard (Rick) Greene. As a young man, Christopher took every word, song, and lesson to heart that his "daddio" put out there for him. There was plenty of time to talk while on those long road trips to wherever the camping destination was, Bob Marley’s Greatest Hits playing the entire drive. He intently listened when his dad said "Son, you treat every person with the respect that you expect." Most importantly, every person that met and knew Christopher, was the imprint from his dad that he so proudly wore was that of "love no matter what.” Every day of his life was filled with love for others. He was so honored to be a part of the celebrations of his dad finding love and partnership with his stepmother Brenda Greene.

Christopher's stepfather, Robert (Bob) Hicks, may not have given the gift of life from the beginning to him, but fatherhood requires love, not just DNA. Christopher and Bob's relationship was one of acceptance, understanding, guidance, and friendship that was mutually and lovingly felt and appreciated. They decompressed together. They brainstormed together. They laughed and cried together. Christopher was immensely proud of Bob's unrelenting willingness to guide, provide, and protect him through his life to the very end.

Christopher, never for a second of his 38 years, took for granted his great luck of having seven siblings that were always down for getting in some trouble with him. Our poor parents…

His oldest sister Jeni, who was frequently mistaken as younger than him (he would find that funny and it’s not because she wrote this) felt a strong responsibility to teach him the important things in life, like how to play 3-man and pour a proper Guinness. Laughter and shenanigans were guaranteed when they were together.

Amy, his older “twin” sister shared a psychic connection with Christopher. They both swore they could just look at each other and “know.” Christopher spent his last couple of years living with Amy. We can only imagine the fun quarantine conversations between those two.

Christopher, aka “Big Greene” referred to his younger sister, Emily, as “Little Greene.” Growing up, he was incredibly over-protective of her. Everyone in Dallas knew that if you messed with Little Greene, Big Greene was going to get you. Being Emily’s big brother and partner in crime were badges Christopher wore with solid pride and honor.

Stepbrother Bobby and Christopher razzed on each other throughout life while simultaneously lending a supportive ear and shoulder, the way only brothers can.

Baby sister Noelle, was born when Christopher was a teenager. He loved watching her grow up and downright adored her. One of his proudest brother moments was watching her graduate from college.

His youngest brothers Jaedyn and Xandeur, though not quite old enough to get in trouble with their big brother, have the same love and loyalty for their family and life as Christopher did. They looked up to him with admiration.

Christopher loved hanging out with his brothers-in-law, Brian and Clint, who thought of him as their own flesh and blood brother.

Christopher was the proudest uncle of 8 nieces and nephews. He prioritized them in his life. They were “his kids.” He loved being Uncle Chris (Chiffer). He watched them play sports, had meaningful conversations, got down and played with them on the floor, rough-housed with the boys so much he broke his leg, hugged them when they needed comfort, told embarrassing stories about their parents, and taught them about music and how to change a car battery. He would tell them that he was proud of them. Sammie, Jackson, Jacob, Henry, Benny, Ruby, LP, and Paolo loved him immensely and they will always have the coolest, proudest angel watching over them and rooting them on.

He was also the proud Godfather of his best friends’ daughters, Ona and Cora. Christopher was so honored to be a part of their lives.

He had an incredibly large extended family. His grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all over the country felt his bright light. He had such incredible loyalty and love for each of them.

Christopher hated funerals. He was always unequivocal on what we should do when his Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend called us from their vacation in Belize telling us that he was eaten by a shark: have a big ass party. Since 2020 has been one big suck fest, we are planning on doing just that on what would have been his 39th birthday (May 4th). Until then, we ask that you celebrate him in some way, every day. Put on the song Red Red Wine by UB40 and dance around your living room, buy a stranger a beer in his honor, go fishing, get a tattoo, play 3-man or cards. Please, join the Christopher Greene Memorial Facebook group to share these celebrations and stay up to date on our plans for May 4th, 2021.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you make a donation to The Organ Donation and Transplant Association of America, Inc. in Christopher’s name.

“Death is nothing at all

I have only slipped away to the next room.

I am I and you are you.

Whatever we were to each other, That, we still are.”

Created By
Jenifer Hicks