Healthcare By: Byron craig

Trumps Views on Healthcare

Trump thinks there should be "insurance for everybody" and "much lower deductibles. President trump thinks that Obamacare doesn't help everybody in America. He thinks Obamacare has a lot of problem and is unstable. Based on how Trump says he thinks he is doing the country and Democratic Party a great service.

Donald Trump Health Care Nominee

Donald trumps cabinet nominee for health care is Tom Price. He is a republicans from Georgia. He believe that he will help America with there health plans. He you on Obamacare is that corrupted.

Impact of The United States

The impact that I think is going to happen is that the United States would become more messed up in the healthcare and Tom price will be the one make it worse.

Changes Due to Health Care

The changes that I think will happen is that she would try to make it more affordable for some people and make it for everybody.





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