Pop Art Sculpture Book By maria benitez

Journal Entry number 1

I was absent on Friday March 10th

Today's class we were asked to have different sketches of designs we would like to have in our pop art book. I started to base my ideas off of Romero britto because of his use of patterns and different colors in one picture. I designed sketches that looked similarities like his but then decided I would change my theme. I began to think of what I liked to do the most and right away I thought about music. I began doing research on pop art music based ideas and found some that I thought looked ver cool. I also enjoy nature and going for walks so I looked up nature pictures and found some that I could work without th. I sketched all of these out and later on I choose my three favorites I would like to create into a bigger piece.

Journal entry number 2

Today i have questions on which one of my designs i should create a bigger replica of. I have made five sketches three of them involve music related theme because I love listening music. The other two are about nature because I like getting outdoors and being active with friends or family Im a not sure of which mediums I would rather use to complete this task with only being able to just using two forms of mediums but I believe I will use water colored pencils,markers and regular colored pencils. I think that using colored pencils and water colored pencils will add a contratar and make one part of the drawing stand out to the eye.

Today March 22 i will be starting the cover for my book. This task includes drawing a replica of one of your designs into a large sheet of paper using twi mediums. I decided to go for water colored pencils and regular colored pencils. The design I chose was a musical note to represent my love for música and yellow background to make it stand out.I colored the musical note black and the background red with yellow to make a sort of POP effect. After I was finished with my coloring it was time to cut up the piece of paper into 2 equal pieces to be put onto the hard page cover of the book. I had to have an i outline for the paper to be able to fit onto the hard cover.

Last class i began working on my MY musical note and drew it onto the big sheet of paper I also added the background to make the musical note stand out more and be eye catching. Im almost done with this part but I do have questions about the second piece of our drawings

Today's class I began working ona bigger piece of art work. I had to pic two more design from my my sketches. To keep going with the musical theme I chose a boombox and a microphone.It did not take me long to draw both designs into the piece of paper but now it's time to color which will take more time. The colors i think I will be using are purple yellow and red. I think these colors are very different from each other but still look very good blended together.

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Maria Benitez

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