eye-opening Exploration exploring the world one destination at a time

By: Claire Brenner

I can most certainly promise you that this past month of traveling has been one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. Being able to visit some of the world's most sacred sites was truly an incredible experience. My trip started on November 2, 2016 when I boarded my first flight from Frisco, Texas to Jordan, Israel. While a long flight, the culture I experienced and knowledge I received while visiting the Jordan River was truly amazing. The Jordan River is known by the Christian faith and talked about in the Bible. This is the river in which Jesus was baptized. While such a neat scenery to experience, this was only the beginning of my journey.

November 6, 2016: My next stop was Solomon's temple in Jerusalem, Israel. Solomon's temple was the first known Jewish temple in Jerusalem. It was truly incredible to be able to view and gain knowledge of the oldest temple in Jerusalem. I was able to experience the Israeli culture as well as learn about it's history and the Jewish religion

November 12, 2016: After spending sometime in Israel, I packed my bags and headed to Mecca, Saudi Arabia to experience the Islam religion. I chose to visit the sacred sight of Ka'ba. This is the holiest Islamic site and the Haram Mosque was built around it because of this. The direction Muslims face during prayer, the qibla, faces the Ka'ba. It was neat being able to experience the Saudi Arabian culture as well as being able to experience their most practiced religion.

November 24, 2016: After much exploration of Saudi Arabia, I traveled to Lumbini, Nepal to experience the Buddhist religion and visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha. He was born in 623 BC the Terai Plains of Southern Nepal. This is one of the holiest places of the Buddhist religion. It was so neat to be able to visit the a holy city of the Buddhist faith and explore it's many breathtaking architectural sites.

November 29, 2016: My last stop of my unforgettable trip was to The Tanah Lot Temple in Bali, Indonesia. This temple has importance to the Hindu religion. The temple is located on a rock just off the shoreline. It is known to be constructed by a 15th century Hindu priest by the name of Nirartha. It is known for it's spiritualism as well as it's mythology. As I finished my exploration in Indonesia, after a month of travel, it was finally time for me to head home. It was truly a special opportunity to experience each of these religions and the culture that comes with it.


Created with images by mripp - "Caribean Culture" • alicia bramlett - "Jordan River Baptism Site" • Tracy Hunter - "Jordan River" • miss pupik - "Jordan river" • Andy M Smith - "IMG_1116" • Episcopal Florida - "Jordan River Baptism" • Jorge Lascar - "The Monastery - Ad Deir" • Suloke Mathai - "Sunset" • Jorge Lascar - "Al Khazneh (The Treasury)" • Jim Linwood - "Ceilng Painting In Chiswick House - London." • Camera Eye - "Holly Ka'ba" • Lion Multimedia Production U.S.A. - "DSC_0217" • dalbera - "Le mihrab de la mosquée d'été (Khiva, Ouzbékistan)" • dalbera - "Le mihrab de la mosquée d'été (Khiva, Ouzbékistan)" • blondinrikard - "Ka'ba-ye Zartosht @ Naqsh-e Rustam" • kudumomo - "Maya Devi Temple" • Prince Roy - "IMG_1439" • IchStyle - "아직은 청춘이던 시절... 2009년 네팔 여행의 기록... 룸비니에서의 사색의 시간 #Travel #Memories #2009 #Lumbini #Nepal 부처님이 태어 나신 곳... 룸비니에서 만나 보는 세계 각 나라의 절들 #Birth #Place #Buddha #German #Temple #Lake #Sunset" • kudumomo - "Long or Short?" • kudumomo - "Lumbini Sacred Garden" • kevinpoh - "Pura Batu Bolong Silhouette" • DEZALB - "indonesia bali temple" • Mark Joseph Lopez - "DSCN5103" • wiifm - "Pura Tanah Lot"

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