Tahitian dance project 🌴 Period 1

  • Country of origin : unknown, first seen in Polynesia.
  • Hostorical background : dancing, tribal tattoos, flowers, leis were banned in the 19th century.
  • Showed up after decades in a group called heiva.
  • Technique/ movement style :graceful, powerful, four basic moves are a box or afata, circles or amis, figure 8s or varu and hits or tamau.
  • Famous figures : princess Miri, one of the first people to bring tahitian dancing to the US
  • Gilles hollande, dancer and choreographer in 1990 which helped popularize the dance style.
  • Costumes : leaders, dancers, and musicians will all have different costumes.
  • Pareos or ei's, leis, flowers, hand made skirts.
  • Performance aspects:

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