By tommy quinn and reid wagner

This is the story of the three estates in the French Revolution. The first estate was the clergy, the second estate was the nobles, and the third estate was the rest of the population.

We the third estate carry the first and second estate on our backs and we get the least respect. We are not happy about this unfairness.

Peasants made up the largest vast majority of us. The French peasants live more comfortably than other peasants which is not fair.

There were different kinds of people in our estate, such as beggars and struggling peasants to urban laborers and artisans.

We make up 98 percent of the people but the first and second estate still outvote us which is also not fair.

What we want most is equal representation and we want voting by status.

We are fed up by how unfair we are treated. We formed put own group called the National Assembly which helped us greatly.

To solve our problems, we met at a tennis court and made the tennis court oath.

The tennis court oath is an oath where all of us vowed to not gather again until the constitution was established.

The oath made a big difference in the society. It was the first time that we stood up to Louis XVI.

We kept fighting for equal rights and did not back down which forced the King to change things and make decisions which made society better for us.

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