MCOM 2400 Projects Noele king

This semester I kept up with a blog. At the beginning and end of each week, I wrote an entry on my thoughts. I did not really have a certain topic I posted about. Therefore, I have post on varying things. Like: netflix reviews, do it yourselves, and life stories. I plan to keep up with my blog throughout the year! This project was by far my favorite.

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I also did my first podcast this semester. This project was not very familiar to me, therefore it was not my favorite work. I do not plan on doing anymore podcast, anytime soon. Fortunately, if by chance I need to do one.. I know a little bit on how to!

One of my favorite projects this semester was the photo story. For my photo story I did it on Adopt Don't Shop. My focus was on a lab mix named, Leroy. He was a beautiful, playful dog that deserves a furrever home!

Along with creating my own satires, I created a news article about a local event. The Reel to Real event gives college film makers a chance to show their own talents!

I created a video myself with the help of three other students! This project was fun and a great way to let people interact. Our video is similar to Seinfeld in the sense our video does have a clear point. It was fun to make, and brings lots of laughs to watch.

MCOM 2400 was a great introduction to my major. I learned many things about websites, and designs. MCOM 2400 brought more excitement to me and my decision to major in journalism. I enjoy being creative, and being able to use my own ideas. Luckily, this class allowed me to use my mind and ideas. I had never blogged before this class, and now I am addicted. I love reading others ideas, and sharing mine. My weaknesses in this course include the podcast. I cringe every time I hear my voice over technology. Therefore, that created a lot of challenges to me being I could not agree on my voice! I would recommend every one to this class, and especially Mrs. Fannon. MCOM 2400 is one of the best classes I have ever taken.

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