Deri Kojowa natural, grade 1 - guji, Ethiopia

Quick Facts

Producer: Negusse Debela - SNAP

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Hambela Wamena, Guji

Elevation: 1800 -2000 MASL

Varieties: JARC Selections & Indigenous Landraces

Harvest: November - January

Process: Natural


This coffee comes from 416 coffee farmers around the village of Dabaye in the larger community of Deri Kojowa. This natural coffee processing site was bought by Negusse Debela in 2018, to focus on this well known part of the Hamebla Wamena district.

Negusse Debela has not been in the coffee industry long. Nugusse is known in Ethiopia as a computer guy, running a large successful computer part import company. While coffee does not seem like a natural leap, Nugussie was inspired on trip to Minnesota where at a cafe he had a pour-over that changed his whole mindset. At that moment he realized the potential of coffee in his home country and upon his return he got right to work. Nugusse started off by touring coffee processing sites throughout southern Ethiopia to understand the farming and processing better. From that initial tour, Nugusse was determined to set SNAP on a course to be one of the best quality coffee exporters in Ethiopia. To do this Nugusse started by hiring Abenezer Asafaw, an energetic young coffee professional, as his quality and coffee manager. Nugusse, with Abenezer by his side, has since bought land for SNAP to process coffee themselves, but have also started managing processing sites in Nensebo, Yirgacheffe, and Guji. In early 2019, SNAP finished the final touches on their own export dry mill, giving them full control of their product and quality.

Flavor Notes

Berries, Red fruit, Citrus

This natural process selection highlights heavy berry notes with a deep juicy body. There is mild winey quality to the profile, but stays on the clean side without going too far in to funky or fermented notes. This heavy fruit notes doesn't go too far in part due to the citrus-like acidity that acts as a backbone to bring the profile together.

Processing Info


The Deri Kojowa site is a dedicated site for producing great natural coffees. To do this the ripe coffee cherries are spread out as thin as possible and turned on the raised beds often. Drying time ranges between 18 and 25 days.

Regional Info

Hambela Wamena, Guji

Coffees from Guji, in southern Ethiopia used to be mostly classified and sold as Sidamo. However, over the last decade, the region of Guji has been recognized more and more as a separate producing area (as it should be) and recognized individually for the quality produced from here.

Hambela Wamena is a district of Guji that borders the Gedeb region of Yirgacheffe. This area is known for its ripe cherry selection by farmers and good elevations.

*some photos taken and given permission to use by SNAP.

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