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Back to the adventure

I was nervous and at the same time so excited. While doing my suitcase I realized that I wanted to come back to Le Châtelard, all the memories came to my mind and I remembered why I loved it so much.

I remembered all the outings, all the time I spent with my friends, all the talks we had and I realized I wanted to come back for this. To continue the experience and make the best out of the months we have left.

María Fernanda Rivadeneyra

Spring girls

This semester we had the great opportunity of having new girls for the Spring Course. Nine new girls from Nicaragua, United States and Mexico arrived to start this amazing experience. They are amazing and each one of them have done an incredible effort with the French.

As generation, we think that each one of them has something different that we can learn from such as their kindness and friendship. We are really happy and grateful of having them with us and for being part of us and looking forward to all of the experiences we'll make together. We became a bigger family and we are very excited.

Ana María Granda

Skii seasoN

This semester we had the opportunity of skiing in the Swiss and French Alps. We have instructors and we are divided into groups according to our level. We go every weekend to different mountains and we have a lot of fun but we also learn a lot. We have improved a lot since we started and it's an amazing experience because we have a great time with our friends and of course we can admire the beauty of nature up in the Alps.

French Contest

As part of the Academic Program, we have different activities to improve our French. This month we had a French Verb Contest, where the participants had to pick out 3 cards wich had the verb, the conjugation, and the person. This was definitely a challenge for the girls, as they had to study more than 20 verbs. But in the end, they all did their best and we had 3 very happy winners. As a result, this contest helped the students improve their skill of conjugation in French, and also acquire more fluency in speech.

social participation

Every few months we have go to nursing homes and spend some time with the elderly. Going this month was a really special experience because as always we were able to learn so much while talking and playing with them. We learned that we need to enjoy and value everyday and very opportunity we have with our families and loved ones, and make the most out of it.

It was so amazing seeing how happy we could make them just by talking with them.

Paola Matute

SPiritual formation

One of the most important aspects of the Academy is its spiritual formation. Every month we prepare a Eucharistic Hour and make different activities and campaigns to bring them closer to Jesus. We love seeing how they enjoy every one of these moments.

This month we had our monthly Eucharistic Hour where they they had the opportunity to start preparing their hearts for the Holy Land Pilgramage. We also had a campaign where they could see the different places in Israel and get to know more about them before going there. The girls looked very enthuastic with these activities and are very excited for the experience of this trip.

"Let the adventure continue"

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